T-Shirt Size:

I would like to work on the same team with:

The following medical information may be necessary in case of emergency:



Check all that apply.

I promise to obey the rules and regulations of the MISSION: SYLVESTER STAFF and will cooperate with leaders and fellow participants.

It is understood that he/she will be supervised during MISSION: SYLVESTER, and that normal precautions will be taken in the interest of safety and well being.  We agree that FBC Sylvester, Sylvester, Georgia, and MISSION: SYLVESTER personnel will not be held responsible for any accident, illness or injury that may occur in connection with MISSION: SYLVESTER.


PHOTO RELEASE:  This document serves as a release for my child to appear in photographs, videotapes, and church website while participating in activities with FBC Sylvester for the purposes of publicity or promtion.

POWER EQUIPMENT:  I give my child permission to use power equipment during MISSION: SYLVESTER.