Return Back to Church Survey
Please complete survey honestly. Thank you for your participation.
1. Your age:

2. Number of school age children living with you:
3. Have you personally returned back to in-person church?

4. If you have not personally returned back to in-person church, what best describes your current thoughts about the future.

5. If you have not personally returned back to in-person church, would you express why you have not returned? This is not a question to critically judge anyone. We genuinely miss you and seek to know how we can pray for you. For example if the main reason is the uncertainty of the spread of the Coronavirus just list it here. Please explain your concerns.
6. We've sought to transition the return to church slowly. We've also sought to find a balance in those who like to come to church early and those who like to come later. Our present schedule for in-person services are: Sunday: 9:30 Sunday School & 10:30 Worship; Wednesday: 6:30 Children/Youth/Adult Ministries & Prayer Meeting. Are you satisfied with the schedule?

If no, what recommendations would you suggest going forward?
7. Our efforts have been to encourage social distancing (six feet apart), provide sanitizer, and highly encourage the use of wearing masks.Are you satisfied with these efforts?

Are we accomodating in these areas sufficiently?

Please write in your thoughts for this question?
8. For those who are unable to personally return back to in-person services, are the efforts through Facebook Live and/or FBC Sylvester website helping you stay connected with your church family?

Tell us about the audio. Are you able to hear the services well?
Should we continue with live streaming for the future?

9. Are you comfortable with attending small groups (Sunday School, particularly)?

Do you have concerns about the size of your classroom?
10. What are your concerns about bringing your children back to Sunday School and children's/youth activities?
11. Our goal is to see more and more people return comfortably back to church. Our current strategy is to offer one service with overflow space in the Fellowship Hall. Are you open to attend the overflow room?

12. What questions or concerns do you have that you would like the Church Staff & Deacons to address going forward?